Free Fire redeem code for India server (23rd June)

Free Fire offers a good selection of attractive cosmetics to settle on from. . the bulk of players look for ways to get them at no cost, as not all can afford to shop for them using diamonds.

The developers release redeem codes that have 12 characters that supply a spread of rewards upon successful redemption.

Free Fire redeem code for today (June 23rd)

Redeem code: XUW3FNK7AV8N

Rewards: 2x Custom Room Cards

Players must use this code before 12:30 PM IST on June 23rd, 2021, because it will later expire. Once this deadline has been surpassed, the code is rendered invalid, which suggests that users wouldn’t be ready to obtain the rewards.

Note: This code is exclusively for players on Indian servers, and users from other regions wouldn’t be ready to avail themselves of the rewards. the subsequent are flaunted to those attempting to use a code that isn’t meant for his or her server:

Steps to use Free Fire redeem code

Step 1: Players are required to go to the Rewards Redemption Site. Here is that the link.

Step 2: sign on to the Free Fire ID via one in all the platforms that they need to be linked to that.

Players who have a guest account can bind it to 1 of the choices listed below, which can enable them to use the redeem code.

  1. Facebook
  2. Google
  3. VK
  4. Twitter
  5. Apple ID
  6. Huawei ID

Step 3: Once users have logged in to their account, they must enter the code within the text field.

Step 4: Tap on the confirm button; when a pop-up appears, pressok.

Step 5:  The rewards are sent to the account within some hours. All the things are often claimed from the game’s mail section.

Using an expired redeem code will end in a slip-up message being displayed during the redemption process. Unfortunately, there are no possible thanks to circumventing this error.



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