Upcoming Top Five mobile games like PUBG Mobile


PUBG Mobile is perhaps one of the highest-grossing games of the last decade. With over a billion downloads across the world, the sport contains a loyal fanbase. However, PUBG Mobile introduced several to the BR genre. Therefore, it’s unlikely that the gamer’s appetite is satiated by one title.

With such a lot of BR games within the works, the gaming community has also been eagerly looking forward to big games like PUBG Mobile. These games area unit in variable stages of their development or beta.

Highly anticipated BR games like PUBG Mobile that are however to be free

1) Battlegrounds Mobile India

Battlegrounds Mobile Bharat was in all probability one among the most-awaited games like PUBG Mobile. BGMI follows the identical PUBG Mobile gameplay. The title contains a few changes to the sport to suit the Indian audience. Former PUBG Mobile players will transfer their knowledge to BGMI.

The South Korean developer unrolled early access for Android users earlier this month. this suggests that the official launch date might not be remote.

Pre-register for it here.

2) PUBG New State

PUBG New State by Krafton promises new ultra-modern weapons together with new locations and futuristic storylines. the sport also boasts the power to dodge, concern support, and drone requests.

Alpha testing opened on June 11 in certain regions and was closed down per week later. PUBG New State received an amazing number of pre-registrations.

3) Apex Legends Mobile

Apex Legends is already a preferred name amongst PC gamers. The developer promised to port the sport to mobile devices.

So far, Apex Legends Mobile has launch a test earlier this year. it’s speculated that it’ll opt for a soft launch in December and be released in 2022.

4) Free Fire Max

Free hearth is another prime Battle Royale game that options fast BR matches and 4v4 TDMs. it’s also known for its characters and outfit customization.

Free Fire Max is that the upgraded version of Free Fire. The refashion boasts better graphics, amped-up audio effects, and a few new stuff. Currently, the sport is merely available within the selected regions.

5) Flight 84

Flight 84 may be a Battle Royale game with a twist. Set in 2081, the post-apocalyptic world has been conquered by Lomborg’s (zombies + cyborgs).

Within this universe, the 40-player Battle Royale occurs in an exceedingly wasteland, where the players are both hunters and prey.

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